The new rich: keep your mind don’t yacht

In USA, luxury goods industry has different this time. Forget those luxury handbag and private custom yachts, that for the new rich class, is too generaland lack of creativity.

A report on the 2006 annual global wealth report, after global wealth growth rate There was no parallel in history. several years later, now there are around8700000 Goyard Tote millionaires. These rich people have about $33.3 of assets, more than 10 years ago, 16.6 trillion doubled. But what they need, is more the one and only.

Custom autobiography

The new choice of personality and private

Former Regal popular custom clothes, now tycoons is fascinated by thenovelty – a customized autobiography. Perhaps, for them, the best things in life is no longer a flashy luxury, but the secret of meaningful experience.

In the Myspecialbo website, a book pricing so from thousands ofdollars to $one hundred thousand. A few years ago some wealthy Argentinestarted this website, it is written, for any one can bear the price people design and published an autobiography. Dazzling pages full of beautiful pictures,personal letters and other personal memorial. The art of formatted contentsoutline one full of wealth and privilege to live. Reminiscences of the text of a book will highlight master some are rich and powerful friends quotes and my.

Milton Lhasa New York is the study make a ”Luxury Association” responsible person, he still remember the tears like a famous billionaire from his wife for this he customized special birthday present. ”This is the story of a love you of person about the story of your life,” Milton said, ”you can think of a morepersonal thing? This is the real luxury.”

Brand mix

Large companies also have to compromise

Although the luxury goods industry has maintained an annual growth of around 8% in the past few years, but a new generation of wealthy people for manymajor suit has been bored. At the same time, a new generation of wealthy people have more money than their fathers to luxury consumption, and are eagerly looking forward to the new form of goods and services.

This makes the businessmen began to reconsider their entire businesssystem. Until recently, the luxury goods began to be strictly in accordance with the commodity classification (fashion brand clothes, wine producers, wine and so on), and most of these brands from a family of second third generation ofprivate business. Only a handful of large-scale comprehensive Goyard Online Shop vendors (LVMHgroup, Paris spring group) have their own formula: mass (LV bag) and highlevels (BottegaVeneta.) are mixed together, can not only cultivate theconsumer groups and can be maintained in the other home brand value.


Gates is the new model

Shift in the luxury trade are fundamentally. Because the customer base it is changing, rich people gradually distributed to all over the world new corner.

Most important, consumers of luxury goods are now seeking a psychological”luxury”, including the surprise, humor and moved. They no longer want to have another double Zhou Yangjie (Jimm yChoo, was a British Princess Diana’s designer) design shoes, or a personalized Bentley car. Replace sb. is a Paris jeweler JAR date, or a rock guest performances, Nobel winners partyinvitation card. To make a long story short, rich connotation, feelings andexchange – such as witness a for the establishment of schools in remote areas and charity party. This is not just to keep pace with the same class of their own people, but to synchronize with the ”Gates”.

In a group of young entrepreneurs and financiers, has experienced a sustained increase in charitable loosen one’s purse strings generously trend,they generally through their own under the name of the fund to support charities. Goyard Bag Some recent successful luxury publication, such as America expressred card, Bono (rock star) green clothing, also with more noble causetogether.

Elixir’s Zal predicted: “luxury goods future is endowed the deep meaning oftrue”.

Luxury shops to smile

An annual survey of New York Luxury Association released shortly before theshow, more than 50% of consumers at luxury stores had not happy shopping Goyard Tote experience, their complaint is the main content of the attitude to be insolent and rude, repair the waiting time is too long, the service is not flexible enoughsuch as detailed. As the British luxury goods trade group president Guy Saltersaid: ”the rapid expansion of the luxury goods industry led directly to theservice of the rough. Now is the time to spend more energy to improve the customer shopping experience, rather than simply ask star to shoot advertising, the shop decorate gorgeously, consumers are no longer on luxuryprostrate oneself in worship, they hope to get value for service.”

Article /niea

In Paris Montaigne Avenue store Louis Vuitton suffered a negative experience,after returning home, she calls the ”International Herald Tribune”. The 26 year old Sedino is a London fashion accessories company’s partner, she had neverimagined I would be the clerk as a thief. At that time, her friends are holding a bracelet thin look, but was the clerk Miss snatched, because she suspected that another one of them stole things, and asked them to open the bag for inspection. ”Too shocking to us.” Sedino said, when the clerk to determine the store haven’t lost anything, just not to utter a single word to let them go, mouthstill hung a contempt.

In the

Luxury goods stores, ordinary customers mostly encountered thieves like gazeand arrogance, and luxury goods company says, they are afraid they can berun. The world’s largest luxury goods group LVMH action is to hire more staffand strengthen the training for them. London luxury trade group Walpole alsoreverse the declining quality of service as the slogan of this year’s headlines.From April 29th to May 1st, in a global luxury industry summit USA Florida Palm Beach held, including Walpole Group Chairman Guy Salter, many luxury goodsexecutives, is how to provide high quality service express their opinions and formulate the relevant planning.

An annual survey of New York Luxury Association released shortly before theshow, more than 50% of consumers in the luxury shops have had unpleasantshopping experience. ”I think they should at least let 80% customer satisfaction.” The association of chief executive Milton Pedraza said.

The report includes 17 of the top fashion brands, including Herm èsInternational, Giorgio Armani and Ferragamo was elected the best servicethree companies, Goyard Online Shop ranked at the bottom of the list are Fendi and HugoBoss.Last year ranked second in the Louis Vuitton fell to seventh.

Consumers surveyed Peter Levine said, bad service so that he lost the confidence of luxury. Brown leather shoulder bag he had gone to New YorkSoHo Louis Vuitton repair a $1500, but the metal is still changing shop for hisflawed. After about 18 months, the store finally told him, this piece of metal has been discontinued. ”They say, ’integrity’ we can’t destroy any product, sorefused to provide other accessories.” Levine said, because the provisions ofsuch rigid, he had to continue to use the only defect. But Louis Vuittonspokesman Ianados Reis Nunes declined to comment.

“Consumers are no longer on luxury prostrate oneself in worship.” WalpoleGroup Chairman Salter said, because more and more people can afford to buyluxury goods, their purchase frequency is also more and more high, now they want to enjoy the value for money service. On the other hand, the rapid expansion of the luxury goods industry also led directly to the service of the rough. Salter thinks, from luxury brands are local enterprises management,when they embarked on the road of globalization, it is very difficult to providepersonal services like in the past take to one’s bosom. Statistical data showsTelsey Advisory survey firm, last year sales of luxury goods in the global scope of up to $150000000000, up 10% in 2005. ”Now we need to spend moreenergy to improve the customer shopping experience, rather than simply ask star to shoot advertising, the shop

Decorate gorgeously.” Salter said.

Cindy Parker is a London insurance company’s managing director, herunpleasant experiences have occurred in the Paris Gang Peng street Chanelflagship store. In March this year, she will use a 6 month after the damaged Chanel handbag back to the shop for repair, the clerk promised to finish would call her, but I more than a month later still no movement. ”No wonder this handbag is called Timeless.” Parker make fun of to say. In the survey of this year’s New York Luxury Association, Chanel ranking from sixth place last yearfell to ninth.

LVMH group began to set foot in the jewelry and watches industry from 2001,when the customers to repair a watch to wait a month or two, even this groupjewelry division head Philippe Pascal thought this was very rude. LVMH ”nowwatch repair staff has doubled, 90% of the customers will be able to retrieve the watch in two weeks.” He said.

Like the LVMH, other luxury goods companies in a variety of means to improve the quality Goyard Bag of service. With Cartier and Montblanc two jewelry brand Financi è re Richemont group added a special customer service training courses for employees, senior French bags brand La Maison Goyard will launch a personalized service, such as product engraved customer name or makingspecial emblem

Ten years of impromptu game of Colette

“I never had time to think and reflect, in my mind, only progress, advance. We used to quickly do every thing, do not pass over in one’s mind. For me, Goyard Tote the only possible is to plan.” Sarah Lerfel said. In 10 years, the Paris women with”be prompted by a sudden impulse and intuition” runs the world’s coolestboutique Colette, because the taste, style complex history, no one can copy it,even Sarah itself can’t do.

Article /niea

She was just 10 years old, recently addicted to operate their own MySpace personal space, she received the magnificent birthday cake one one pictures,and then upload to MySpace (including Kate Moss sent the cake), also make such a fuss about launched ”miss MySpace” campaign. She had a dog namedOscar, she likes to listen to Snoop Dogg rap song, and always in the wearingtoday which dog collar and shilly-shally - Chanel? Chrome Hearts? Goyard? Or Hermes?

She has many fans all over the world, they saw the puppy just mentioned thename, immediately guess who she is – yes, Colette, the personal independence of conduct is located in Paris’s St.Honore street fashion store,in the last month, celebrated her 10 birthday, and Oscar is the shop ”the mascot”.

For customers, the store’s 10 anniversary and do not have much practical significance, and only a few fashion, design circles are lucky to attend Colette’s birthday party. However, who can not praise the Colette store specialbrush walls that a blue birthday candles? What is the hottest Colette10Anniversary Limited Edition merchandise, every kind of people envious.

Behind the Colette two smart woman, Sarah Lerfel and her mother ColetteRoussaux (the name of the resulting Colette), their business creed is simple:fresh, vibrant, surprise, always walk in front of others. ”I never had time to think and reflect, in my mind, only progress, advance.”

Sarah said, ”now I shop became many people to Paris to be an attraction to swim, thanks to all of our cooperation with designers, as well as our ownselection of vision, but I very difficult to analyze.” And her team members alsosaid, their most trusted Sarah intuition.

We can put this three storey shop features divided into two adjectives: the eclecticism, Goyard Online Shop selective. Most can reflect the characteristics of the two than it in abuilding filled with all kinds of electronic products, novelty and metalaccessories. These goods are of course was chosen from thousands of baby,but you have to admit, they do not form any kind of style, there is no hint of any personal preference, but more like search things every time when the owner be prompted by a sudden impulse.

The two floor is not exclusive fashion Lanvin, Prada these first-line brand, but also with some non mainstream, almost unknown brand, such as Japanese visual artist Nagi Noda Gothic fashion brand Broken Label Colette is the only way to get these outlandish costume places in the world, artists like to this coolto cooperate with the Colette. However, in addition to the high-end and offbeat,Colette also often favor Nike, UNIQLO this VW brand mark, only once onColette limited cooperation version, even the cheap and simple printing T shirtwill also become hot demand.

No matter how little the price and style of clothing, Colette has a way to mix and match. At present, each piece of clothing store are black, white, grey ortransparent, a four leaf clover stool only stood on the balcony is a bright green. So, choose what brand, what styles than Colette or style, more attention is paid to the combination of goods presentation.

Even in the carp, act of one’s own free will the fashion circles, you can hardlyhear one or two words about Colette negative. Fashion magazine editors think,Sarah is the most easy to deal with the interview, she never because someoneis an unknown new publications and airs refused interviews. ”She put a whole Paris into a fashion empire, not just a few blocks, a plurality of brand.” YSLdesigner Stefano Pilati said Sarah.

Colette always for those beyond all expectations, cute, funny and always enjoy it very silly thing, this improvised rebel spirit seemed to shop with modernist style steel staircases, streamlined bar restaurant in contrast, but the frequency of various art exhibitions held in the propagation have been extended,because the exhibits are often deliberately display messy impermanence. ”We used to quickly do every thing, do not pass over in one’s mind.” Sarah said.

To create a iPod music appreciation area, how to display the jeans andsportswear sneakers from; launched in collaboration with Nike, to introduce design combined Proenza Schouler from America clothing chain Goyard Bag Target limitedseries, and then to the latest trend of holy, by British designer Anya Hindmarch design and environmental protection cotton bag ”I am not a a plastic bag” - Colette decision and action is always smooth and clean, and to the fastest speed to detonate fashion.